Safer Internet: Introduction: Discounts

  • Besides educational discounts on TCYOP (suggested e-book), discounts are sometimes available for software, services, and e-books -- some listed here and under various topics
  • 50% off all TakeControl titles; sale ends Sun, 10/29/17
  • 1Password (password manager): those who join can receive member discounts on Mac or Windows version of 1Password (25%), other Take Control e-books (30%), etc.
  • There may be discounts available for bundles, or to user groups, e.g., on TakeControl books 30% for AshMUG members
  • For other products/services, there may be occasional online promotions, especially around "Cyber Monday" (after Thanksgiving) or special dates, e.g., World Backup Day (Mar 31 for backup products).
  • Witopia (VPN): if subscribing to Witopia VPN service, use this referral link (or code: Q8Hg3YRM) to receive a 15% discount; Steve receives a similar credit.
  • If you don't need unlimited voicecalls, unlimited texting and/or unlimited cell data (at 4G speeds), you can save money by having a monthly, pay-for-what-you-need cellular phone plan. I suggest checking your bills over past year to see your average monthly usage. I pay < 1/2 with Consumer Cellular for our calling, texting and data compared to AT&T; if you decide to switch to Consumer Cellular, mention that Steve Weyer referred you, and we'll both get a credit; if you're an AARP member, you'll save an additional 5% per month