Safer Internet: Introduction: Topics


No. of Sessions

  • summaryTypical privacy & security recommendations could be summarized in 5 minutes or so: free 1-page 'cheat sheet', or the Quick Start section {TCYOP-3: 9-10; TCYOP-2: 8-9; TCYOP-1: 11-12}; there are many articles with titles like "10 Things You Can/Should..."
  • However, if you'd like to understand background, context, tradeoffs, see demonstrations, and ask questions (and have me speak more slowly), six sessions turns out to be about right.

What We Won't Cover

  • Problems with your specific device & configuration (esp. non-Internet related); however, I may include tips about usage and costs; also see More Help section for learning, troubleshooting recommendations
  • Other non-digital privacy / security issues: paper, home, surveillance, death, etc. -- some in Offline Reference sections
  • Other Internet technical questions and social issues -- ask me to re-offer OLLI course: Internet History and Issues
  • Some [2] intermediate and most [3-4] advanced issues, depending on time and class interest