CROSSWORDS: Authoring: Applications


  • crossword compilerMany crossword authoring applications / tools are available.
  • They vary by platform (Mac, Win), cost, puzzle formats and features.
  • Featured: Crossword Compiler
App Name Platform(s) Cost Formats Features
application: 'Word', 'Excel' var. free, $$ .doc, .pdf table
+ familiar; easily editable
- time consuming
American Crossword Tournament app list var. var.  
CPT Crosswords Win $125  
Crossdown Win $60 web, .pdf  
CrossFire Win,Mac,Lnx $50 ? one of the major tools used (besides Crossword Compiler)
Crossword Compiler Win $49+ web,.puz,.pdf,.rtf crossword compiler
Gallery: on Mac
Demo: on Mac?
Example Puzzles (Steve)
Crossword Construction Kit Win $25 web, .jpg tutorial
Crossword Creator Pro Win $5 Word format  
Crossword Editor Mac 10.5+ $25  
Crossword Forge Win, Mac $50 web, .pdf  
CrosswordMaster Mac $25 ?  
Crossword Publisher Win $20+  
Crossword Weaver Win $40+ web, .pdf  
Crossword Wizard Win, Mac $29-49 -discontinued? Win, Mac app list var. var. search "crossword" for Platform
Eclipse Win free web, .doc tutorial
Hot Potatoes Win free tutorial
Magnum Opus Win,Mac,Lnx free web, ? (formerly 'Crossword Express')
Ray Hamel app list (=50) var. var. -list up-to-date?
Super Crossword Creator Win, Mac $40+ tutorial
Sympathy Crossword Construction Win $160 web, .rtf tutorial
(UK) Crossword Puzzles app list var. var.  
Word Buff app list var. var.