Safer Internet: Introduction: Devices

Devices, Devices, Devices

  • you vs. techModern-day desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and phones provide similar capabilities, and most web browsers and email applications provide similar features, often with similar names -- though there can be annoying small differences.
  • Ideally, this course would offer approaches and advice for many platforms.

Operating Systems

  • tech supportIt would be difficult -- for Joe K. in {TCYOP}, or me in this course -- to provide or discuss up-to-date recommendations and configuration advice specific to every site, device model, operating system version, application, and tool, for every country.
  • Steve will list or demonstrate specific examples of settings for only most recent macOS (formerly "OS X") & iOS (iPad, iPhone) -- not: watchOS, tvOS
  • He will also demo (and sometimes recommend) specific applications in different categories, e.g., browser: Safari; email: Mail; disk backup: Time Machine, Carbon Copy Cloner; password manager: 1Password; VPN: Witopia; ad blocker: Adblock Plus, 1Blocker [iOS], etc. -- there may be other viable alternatives for you (platform, features, costs)
  • tech supportIf you're using Windows, Android, Chromebook, Linux, or an older version of macOS or iOS, or some other wearable or home device/camera/streaming box/system (e.g., "Internet of Things"), don't panic -- you should be able to locate corresponding settings by exploring your device or reading articles (I provide many).
  • Each topic has links to articles in a References section, subdivided by platform and subtopics.
  • Also, see section: Finding More Help: other e-books, classes, consultants.

configureSystem Settings



Before Change

After Change

  • Save any new login name, password, recovery key, security answer, etc. in a secure place, e.g., password manager -- see Passwords section


  • IE icon grandmaCheck Internet-related Preferences, Settings or Tools for your device's apps, e.g.,
  • web browsers: Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera -- in addition to Safari
  • mail clients: Outlook, Thunderbird -- in addition to Mail
  • communication, social networking, maps, etc.



  • macOS: Launchpad > Search
  • terminologyiOS: swipe down on home screen > Search

Update / Buy

  • macOS: Apple menu > App Store
  • iOS: App Store